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Xaxa's new website

This is my first post on my new website. it has been a long time coming but up till now it never felt like the right time.

2022, has marked two important changes for me an artist. I have finally managed to find a layout in my studio that I truly feel comfortable with. Whatever is in the studio is a reflection of my character or a source of inspiration. I think it was Matisse who said that whatever is in your studio should inspire you in some way. Opening my studio to the public has helped to open up to the idea of having my own website to showcase my work.

I attribute these changes to my outlook to something I started in 2020. I have slowly been going through the arduous task of removing objects that as Marie Kendo would say "do not spark joy". At first, I thought it was quite silly and thought is this really going to change anything. As the amount of stuff started to increase, I could no longer ignore its psychological effect on me. Removing objects that I no longer felt connected with, even sentimental things left space where I could actually see things for what they are, just things. As a friend of mine just told me recently it is the feeling that is important. The environment that you create, be it your workspace or your home I believe is a reflection of how you see yourself. How you see yourself in turn affects everything else that you see in the world.

So, I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and it gives you a taste of my work.

Thank you for the support that I have been given over the years. Be it family or friends who have encouraged and appreciated my work when I needed it most.

Till next time


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